Association of People Living With HIV (APLHIV) Pakistan as an implementing organization of Global Fund-supported interventions and as a national network of the PLHIV community and associated key populations has taken emergency interventions to support the PLHIV community and other key populations during the COVID-19 spread.


  • An “Emergency Response Centre (ERC)” has been established at the APLHIV which is functional with effect from 21st March 2020. A team of three members and a duty officer is managing the centre.
  • The topmost priority of the ERC is to get in touch with PLHIV and gather information on the status of availability of ARVs. The ERC is compiling a detailed report on a daily basis and sharing it with all national stakeholders.
  • Based on the information on the availability of ARV with each PLHIV, ERC and APLHIV have advocated the government to allow and facilitate for provision of ARVs to the PLHIV who are unable to access the ART Centres due to lockdown situation.
  • Pakistan National AIDS Program has agreed to use courier services to provide ARVs to those PLHIV who are unable to access ART centres.
  • ERC is currently sending approximately 3300 short messages to PLHIV and KPs with basic information on COVID-19.
  • Under the Global Fund Grant, APLHIV has dispatched nutritional support to approximately 3500 PLHIV in the last three weeks.