Australia is a longstanding partner of the Global Fund, and has contributed a total of AUD 920.31 million to date. For the Sixth Replenishment of the Global Fund, Australia pledged AUD 242 million which demonstrated Australia’s recognition of the role that its financial contributions play in fighting diseases and in supporting countries to build resilient and sustainable systems for health, which are essential in preparing for emerging health threats in the Indo-Pacific region.

Australia was the second country to join the Global Fund’s debt conversion initiative, Debt2Health. In 2016, Indonesia agreed with Australia to invest the equivalent of AUD 37.5 million to support its national TB programme through the Global Fund, in exchange for the cancellation of Australia’s cancellation of AUD 75 million debt from Indonesia. 

Australia has a leadership role on the global stage, and announced a new AUD 100 million pledge to the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a commitment to global health at the Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit in London on 8th March 2022. 


 About the action

We worked with Results Australia for inputs to the letters sent by communities and civil society colleagues to Australian Embassies around the world. 

Civil society colleagues in Australia are calling for a pledge of at least AUD 450 million for the Seventh Replenishment of the Global Fund.