European Commission

The European Commission is the sixth largest public donor to the Global Fund and over the Fifth and Sixth Replenishment demonstrated its unwavering support and leadership by announcing early pledges. The early pledge of the European Commission for the Sixth Replenishment of € 550 million represented a 16% increase over its previous contribution. 

The Commission and European Union Member States represent nearly half of the total funding to the Global Fund and to date, the European Commission has pledged € 2.65 billion since 2002. An April 2019 Report “The European Commission and the Global Fund” documents the partnership between the European Commission and the Global Fund which has achieved tremendous impact on global health.

The European Commission’s development policy is defined by the European Consensus on Development which focuses on the successful implementation of its 2030 agenda and on priorities within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework. 

The European Commission is a member of 15 Country Coordinating Mechanisms – committees at the national level that are made up of all stakeholders and manage funding requests and oversee Global Fund grants in countries where the Global Fund partnership invests. The European Commission also provides bilateral support for health in 17 countries, complementing its multilateral investments through the Global Fund. 


 About the action

We worked with Friends of the Global Fund Europe and Aidsfonds in seeking inputs to the letters sent by communities and civil society colleagues to European Commissions around the world. 

For the Seventh Replenishment, colleagues are asking for the European Commission to pledge € 715 million to the Global Fund, in line with the 30% increase; as well as asking for the European Commission to announce an early pledge to pursue the leadership role it demonstrated for the Fifth and Sixth Replenishment and incite EU Member States and other donors to follow its example. 


 Social Media

Colleagues working with the European Commission joined us on social media to support the Global Week of Action!

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