The Action in Papua New Guinea  was led by UNAIDS Papua New Guinea and held in Port Moresby.

Letters have been prepared and sent to Embassies of Australia, China, France, India, Japan, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

In addition, a  face-to-face meeting was also held with a representative of the  High Commission of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Meeting with High Commission of the Commonwealth of Australia

Communities and Civil Society representatives met with Andrew Dollimore – First Secretary to the High Commission of Commonwealth of Australia on 14th of February. 

Following Communities and Civil Society Representatives attended the meeting.

  1. Parker Hou – Kapul Champions
  2. Sally Joseph – Friends Frangipani
  3. Matilda Nawayong and Julie Kendaura – Hope World Wide
  4. Vitus Tenakani  and Lesley Bola –  KP Partnership Network Consortium


Signatories of Communities and Civil Society Organisations

  1. KP Partnership Advocacy Consortium – PNG
  2. Igat Hope
  3. Kapul Champions
  4. Hope World Wide
  5. Anglicare
  6. Friends Frangipani
  7. NCD Hetura