Communities & Civil Society Responds to COVID-19 in Cambodia

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With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cambodia, KHANA has followed the preventive approach and guidance issued by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and World Health Organization for preventing Covid-19 including avoiding any kinds of meetings or gatherings, applying social distancing and hand washing regularly. KHANA has also practised a flexible working environment in order to protect the KHANA staff from the Covid-19 infections. Most of KHANA staff have been instructed to work from home. KHANA has also made hygiene and sanitation kits available for staff including facemasks and hand sanitizers. Banners, posters and leaflets on Covid-19 prevention and protection were printed and placed at KHANA’s office and field offices of all KHANA’s programmes.

The field activities of KHANA and its partners including HIV, TB, sexual health, and harm reduction services have been slowed down.  In order to continue outreach activities, field staff has been provided with virtual outreach methods through social networks, phone calls and face to face meeting where necessary which includes both HIV (MSM, TG and SW) and TB programs. Hygiene and sanitation kits (masks, alcohol/hand gels, soap and handkerchief) were also provided to beneficiaries – women and girls living with PLHIV in ROKA commune, outreach workers (HIV prevention), and lay counsellors (TB).

Three surveys have been launched by KHANA to understand impacts of COVID-19 on communities. The surveys cover Key populations, TB communities and women and girls living with HIV.