Communities & Civil Society Responds to COVID-19 in Nepal

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The Nepal Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), as per instructions provided by the Fund Portfolio Manager (FPM), reprogrammed funds from the Global Fund grants for COVID-19 response in Nepal. This has developed an emergency plan in consultation with the Principal Recipient – Save the Children, Nepal, and the Nepali government for all three disease components. This plan will be implemented by the PR through the SRs in collaboration with the National Centre for Disease Control.

Blue Diamond Society (BDS) is a Sub-Recipient (SR) of the HIV Component in Nepal. It is reaching out to the constituencies the organisation serves through online messaging and other virtual platforms. 

However, as the organisation mainly serves grassroots communities, the use of online platforms for messaging has become challenging due to network connectivity in hard to reach areas.  

BDS has also initiated discussions with UN Women Nepal to provide support to communities in need. 

Trisuli Plus reported that while community organisations are closed and staff are working remotely, they have been reaching out to communities with messages on social media and other virtual platforms. Essential services for PLHIV – such as the distribution of ARVS have not been interrupted as yet. 

Trisuli Plus is monitoring the current situation in order to implement emergency measures should ARV distribution services are interrupted and/or PLHIV face difficulties in accessing ARV services.