Communities & Civil Society Responds to COVID-19 in Vietnam

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Vietnam started to implement nationwide social distancing since 1 April 2020 for 15 days following which the social isolation measures were extended until April 22 for high-risk localities while the lowest-risk ones (mostly rural areas and smaller cities) were able to follow slightly more relaxed restrictions.

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, up to April 20, Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) has distributed 40,100 reusable face masks, 3,400 hand sanitizer bottles and 80 litres of hand sanitizer (for refilling) to all outreach workers and clients of CBOs working with SCDI as well as many homeless and poor people in more than 15 provinces/cities throughout Vietnam. Items are packed in SCDI paper bags with instructions for use and basic information to prevent COVID-19, ensuring that they can reach the right people and be used effectively.

Mitigating negative impacts and building resilience among the most vulnerable populations

With the project “Mitigating negative impacts and building resilience among the most vulnerable populations”, SCDI has been one of the three organisations receiving funding from Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Cooperation (HSBC – Vietnam) Ltd and with the support of HSBC Vietnam relief programme, SCDI has been implementing emergency COVID-19 measures.

The project is expected to support about 200 homeless people and 200 homeless families in six cities/provinces through emergency support on food, temporary accommodation and economic recovery packages. Not only does the project provide immediate support, but it also aims to build resilience and preparedness for these groups of people for any similar crisis in the future, creating a positive long-term impact for the community.

Writing Contest “Stories in COVID-19 Era”

With the hashtags #StayStrong #StayKind, a writing contest has been held with the purpose of spreading messages of kindness and positivity in the era of COVID-19. People from all walks of life were encouraged to share the stories that inspire and give them more hope and energy during this difficult time.