Moldova was a recipient country of the Global Fund from 2004 – 2023 and has been disbursed more than US$ 147 million for TB, HIV and TB/HIV programmes. Moldova has accessed the following Global Fund multicountry grants – Multicountry EECA ECUOMulticountry EECA EHRNMulticountry EECA IHAUMulticountry EECA PAS, and Multicountry HIV EECA APH.

On 3rd March 2022, Moldovan President Maia Sandu signed a formal application for her country to join the European Union, accelerated by the geopolitical tensions in the region. This signals a potential transition of the country once it has joined the European Union bloc even as it is a classified as an Upper Lower-Middle-Income country and eligible for HIV and Tuberculosis grants based on the Global Fund Eligibility List March 2021.


 About the action

The action in Moldova is led by the Center for Health Policies and Studies (PAS Center) with the support of:


 Letters sent

The letters of support were sent to the following donors via email – Canada, European Commission, Germany, Japan and United Kingdom. 

The letters of support were sent by fax to the following donors – United States, France, Italy.


 Social media

Colleagues in Moldova joined us on social media.

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